DIY Aloe Vera Juice for Natural Hair

Aloe vera is one of the oldest and most popular plants in history, and for good reason. The drought-resisting succulent plant is compacted with rich nutrients that are beneficial for multiple purposes, both internal and external.

When it comes to hair, aloe vera is undoubtedly a wonderful resource to try some at-home hair care without spending the big bucks. It is an extra plus if you already have an aloe vera plant in your backyard!

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E, along with multiple amino acids that are essential to restore hair strands strength. Due to its high water content and numerous anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera also works to heal an itchy scalp and minimize dandruff. As commonly known, the inside of aloe vera, yes – that gooey, jelly looking stuff at the center of each leaf, is what needs to be used in order to experience these benefits.

An easy way to apply aloe vera onto the hair is by creating your very own DIY aloe vera juice. Follow these simple steps to create it and use it in addition to your Real Hair Smoothie treatment:

Items needed: aloe vera leaves, a knife, spoon, blender, and small storage container or jar.

  1. Obtain 4 aloe vera leaves. If you already have an aloe vera plant, you can cut the leaves with a sharp knife then rinse the leaves to remove any dirt. Alternatively, you can visit your local foods store and buy some leaves if available.
  2. Remove the inner gel from each leaf. Begin by cutting off the  sharp edges of each aloe vera leaf with your knife. Afterwards, using your knife, carefully peel one side of the remaining skin on the leaves. Doing so should expose the inner gel. Take your spoon and scoop out the gel. Place the gel inside the blender. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the amount of gel collected.
  3. Blend the gel. After you have all of your gel inside the blender, add 1-2 cups of water (depending on how much gel you have), and begin to blend. Blend for about 4 minutes.
  4. Store. Once the blending is complete, pour the juice into a small storage container or jar. The mixture can be refrigerated for up to 5 days for continual use.

The juice can be applied to the hair wet, damp, or dry depending on your preference. You can leave it on overnight or use it as a quick 20 minute treatment in your hair care routine. The result: healthy, moisturized hair!

Here’s a BIG one, try using it in place of your Gel. Especially if you are an Eco Style girl... you know who you are!?

Let us know in the comment section below how this treatment works for you!

February 28, 2018

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