Maintain Healthy Hair

Let’s get REAL!

Many of us don’t have the time, money, or resources to go to a professional hairstylist for regular care and maintenance. Therefore, we may find most of our styling and hair care is done at home.

Finding a hairstylist that is committed to healthy hair is important. It’s not easy to find the right one. For instance, the “dry bar” type of stylist is great, if you are looking to get in and out. Healthy Hair Care? No, that’s not what they about. No diss. Just being real. You can’t gain health benefits from rushing through the process. Just like we know that we need to take “quality time” for our mind and bodies, we need to do the same for our hair care. Eating superfoods will nourish our bodies. Applying them to our hair will nourish our hair at a heightened level.

BOTTOMLINE: Healthy hair takes time. It’s not a rush job or a quick fix, it really takes time and effort, and love. Love for yourself and love for your hair.

Here are some things I use for at home for healthy hair care

1. Use LESS HEAT! Use a lower heat temperature. Try using it once a week or every other week. When you need heat GHD flat irons are the best for temperature controlled heat. GHD Flat Irons

2. Use treatments on your hair. Something that is all-natural, deep conditions, and has amino acids is preferred. You need to strengthen your hair follicle, stimulate your roots for growth, and soften your hair for manageability. I use a treatment once a week or every other week. Real Hair Smoothie

3. Use a SLAP! Yes, Satin Lined Cap. I have made it a habit of throwing on a SLAP when I’m lounging in the house or every time my head touches a pillow. Protect your hair from unnecessary breakage. I have 5 SLAPS! All different colors. They are SUPER stylish so I can wear them outside the house and get tons of compliments. SLAP Cap

4. Don’t wash your hair as often. You don’t need to wash your hair everyday. Either go a few days without washing (if you normally wash every day), wash weekly or bi-weekly. Anything more that what I recommend, then use co-wash instead of shampoo Ouidad Coconut Co-Wash

5. Find a good leave in conditioner. I spray Marrakesh on my hair before drying or styling. It adds moisture and softer feel to my hair. My favorite contains Argan Oils. Marrakesh Leave in Conditioner and Detangler

My FAVORITE professional healthy hair stylist is in Los Angeles, Rosalind Morris, at “the lounge On Wilshire.” Email or message me for her direct number.

Well these are MY FAV’S… what’s yours? Please share. 

November 4, 2017

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