Winter Hair Care

There’s something about the feeling of winter that I look forward to every year. I love a glass of full bodied red wine and a nice book. I LOVE winter but winter HATES my hair.

The cold air always seems to make my hair drier and more prone to breakage when I don’t keep it moisturized. One of my favorite winter hair care products is Moisture Mania by Real Hair Smoothie. I use this once a week in place of my normal conditioner for a deep conditioning hair treatment. I like to sit under the dryer or a hair steamer while its on my hair. When I’m being lazy, I just apply it and cover with a shower cap while I sit and enjoy a glass of wine and great literary articles! My other favorite is Marrakesh Leave-in and Detangler spray. I use a little after I rinse out my hair smoothie before styling my hair.

Comment and share your favorite winter hair care products!

November 30, 2017

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