About us

Real Hair Smoothie was created by Tanisha Eaves, the owner and formulator. She wanted an all-natural hair treatment to replace the mainstream, average deep conditioning hair products. She wanted something cruelty-free, that contained REAL foods and fresh ingredients that she commonly used when juicing. Through research, experimentation, and help from chemists, she found the perfect combination of amino acids, real foods, and essential oils that could be used to grow and nourish all-types of natural hair. 

Any ethnic woman knows, "hair" is a culture within its own right. "Hair" has played a pivotal significance in our personal lives and cultural history.

Growing up with cousins in the hair care industry, Tanisha learned so much about the industry. Since July 2017, she has been learning to LOVE her natural hair. She has stopped heat heavy styles and transitioned into embracing her natural hair texture. Her personal experience with hair salons, stylists, and the struggle of maintaining her own textured hair has created a story of ups and downs.Whether it was treated at a salon or with home hair care, Tanisha's hair was met with chemicals and excessive heat.

On April 25, 2018, she decided to do the BIG CHOP! For over ten years, she wore hair extensions, weaves, and styles that required excessive damage from the blow dryer, pressing comb, flat iron, and curling iron. As you can imagine, this greatly damaged her natural hair. Now she is embracing her natural curl pattern and focused on growing her hair with no heat and all natural products. Real Hair Smoothie has helped revitalize her hair and allowed it to grow and change tremendously in length and texture.

Finding the JOY and  LOVE of her natural hair texture has made her extremely passionate about the Real Hair Smoothie brand. The brand wasn't developed for the sole purpose to sell natural hair products; but to teach others how to LOVE  and EMBRACE their natural coils and the hair culture that comes along with it.

To achieve natural hair goals you have to use natural products. Remember, whatever products you apply to your hair and scalp seep into your pores, ultimately getting into your bloodstream. Using products with excessive alcohols, parabens, sulfates, and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients not only are bad for your hair, but studies have shown they are bad for your health, linked to cancer, and other serious medical conditions.

Real Hair Smoothie is about bringing awareness to healthy hair care while providing all-natural products made with REAL foods and amino acids for hair growth and revitalization. Real Hair Smoothie requires refrigeration but is pasteurized, without heat, to gain a longer refrigerated life, to maintain the quality and nutrients of the REAL foods used.

What is Real Hair Smoothie?

Real Hair Smoothie is made with REAL vegan foods and amino acids. You can revitalize and grow your hair by using Real Hair Smoothie instead of your average hair conditioner. We recommend using once a week or bi-weekly to gain lasting results and develop a healthy hair care routine. We use all-natural premium grade ingredients. Real foods, amino acids vitamins, or silk amino acids are not used sparingly.

#1 Reason to use Real Hair Smoothie

No More DIY hair care! Save time and money.
Let us do it for you!

DIY hair care has become very popular. Real foods and all natural ingredients have been known to significantly improve and maintain healthy hair. Most struggle with finding the time to shop for ingredients to create DIY hair care products. Real Hair Smoothie is a modern solution to save time, save money, and keep the quality and benefits of a DIY hair care experience in the comfort of your own home.

Why we are different?

The first perishable (fresh) hair care conditioning product. All hair smoothies require refrigeration.

Packaged with PET juice bottles, similar to what you'd find juice smoothies you drink!

Delivered directly to your home or office in cold thermal packaging to maintain freshness.

The first to commercially use all natural real vegan foods and hair growth amino acids for hair moisturizing and revitalization. No food powders.

Processed via HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization). Fun Fact: Most juice smoothies and freshly packaged foods you buy at stores go through this process to maintain freshness.This process kills any bacteria or microbes that can develop over time in fresh food based products. High bacterial levels can cause scalp irritation and require more frequent hair washes.We avoid that with our no heat pasteurization processes.

All natural. No to harsh chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients are used to preserve our hair smoothies.

A natural solution for hair growth and revitalization. We've combined the best Amino Acids for Hair Growth. These include: Cysteine, Arginine, Lysine, and Methionine.

Replace your regular hair conditioner with a fresh, all natural refrigerated hair treatment.

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