Loyal Customer Reviews

We would like to share with you photos of customers that have repeatedly used Real Hair Smoothie. We keep in touch and try to partner with them whenever we can. We like to use REAL photos sent to us directly
from our customer so we can bring you their real experience. The photos below are not coordinated with our brand or photo-shopped,they depict their Real Hair Smoothie experience. 

"I am all natural, so I was super surprised at the ingredients in Moisture Mania; coconut milk, honey, and cinnamon. The directions say to comb to from root to tip once applied. I don't usually use a comb on my hair but I used my pick and I was surprised it glided right through my hair! It has kept my hair super moisturized in the NYC weather. Its a really good conditioner and definitely worth the money!"

~ Chayna Douglas


"I wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT... It left my hair feeling amazing. Thank you so much..."

~ Shamia

[Customer struggled with hair loss and breakage from color she used Real Hair Smoothie for three months with a healthy hair care routine and sent us photos of her healthy hair after her trim] "My hair feels smoother, stronger, and thicker. The shine has come back, and people comment about how my hair has changed in the last two months. I can't recommend this product enough for those that have hair issues like me."

~ Alle

"We really enjoyed using your product! It really brought out our curls. Thank you so much!"

~ Charming Taylor Twins

"It really defined her curls! She usually has issues with dry skin and scalp this time of year. Today her skin became super dry by the end of the day, but her hair and scalp we still moisturized."

~ @curlygirliesaraib

"It grows his hair like weeds!!"

~ @king_kaikaine

"Whether I use it for a rod curler set or a wash and go it always leaves my curls defined and my hair is so soft. I have recommended the product to several others and continue to use it myself. It always leaves me my hair feeling great!"

~ Asia