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videos so none of our videos are alike, but different according to their reviewers experience and creative style. 

Real Hair Smoothie does not have their own YouTube Channel. Rather, we encourage you to view and subscribe to our partners channels.
We only work with those that are known to give honest and real reviews, therefore we encourage subscription to their channel.

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Ambrosia Malbrough @brosiaa

Chayna Douglas @ebonyassassin

Asia Knight @kurly.by.nature

Model & Customer #oh_just_curly_things

Videographer Credit: J Templeton Productions

YouTube: J Templeton- That Black Guy

#oh_just_curly_things says:Their products smell Amaaazing (like a smoothie from Jamba Juice) I love it's an all natural hair conditioner made with real fruits and Amino Acids. It's worth it and I highly recommend it!!! Seriously I love them!